Thursday, February 6, 2014

Shelves, At Last!

Ok, this is not a post about food or crafts. This is a post about VICTORY.

Today, I installed the last of my shelves. I can't believe these never fell down before, given how poorly they were secured to the walls in my old studio. Not this time. I'm like... the wall anchor champion today. The real victory is getting these installed despite having metal studs throughout the whole apartment. I already ran into issues with them when I put up the curtains and a small spice ledge in the kitchen, but thankfully the classic knocking-on-the-wall to find the hollow parts did the trick this time. I was also prompted to download a bubble level app for my phone, which will come in handy again, I'm sure.

Now I just need to re-stock those shelves with art supplies and knick knacks, hang a bit more art and add plant life, and I will be able to get back to drawing/painting/relaxing in a space that feels like home.

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