Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Food Category Labels

Time for a quick spot of housekeeping. I'm quickly approaching my 50th recipe, so I thought it was time to add some new labels to keep all these recipes organized and make them easier to search for. I've added five new categories based on types of foods/dishes, so in addition to being able to search by "vegetarian" or "vegan" etc., you can now search the following criteria as well:

1. Baking & Bread
I think this one's pretty self explanatory. It covers bread, and other baked dishes like pizza and savory pies (sweet pies will still be under Sweets and Treats as always).

2. Rice & Pasta
If it's served with rice or pasta, it'll be here. This includes some dishes that might overlap the Baking category, like lasagna or stuffed peppers with rice.

3. Sandwiches
The label for all things sandwich-related, including burgers, wraps, and pita pockets.

4. Soups & Stews
Weirdly, I think this might be my new favorite category. I hadn't realized that I'd been making more soups recently until I created the label.

5. Veggie Dishes
And finally, veggie dishes. These are recipes where one or more vegetables or plant-based foods is the star, as well as salads. There's a lot of overlap between this category and the Vegan label.

All the other labels will remain the same for now. Happy browsing, and I hope everyone's been well.

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