Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fried Eggs on a Snow Day

It's an official snow day here in Northern Virginia, with 12+ inches that accumulated overnight. Thankfully we had plenty of advance warning, and I stocked up on groceries and got a full tank of gas (even though I'm not planning on driving anywhere).

I like to treat myself to a hearty breakfast on snow days, so today I fixed myself a big mug of dark roast coffee, some fried eggs and vegetarian sausage patties.

I think fried eggs were top of mind because my friend Matt and I have been discussing them. He's into trying different egg cooking techniques (today, in fact as I type this, we're discussing Spanish style fried eggs). There seem to be hundreds of ways to fry an egg, and I definitely haven't tried them all, but this is the way that's been working for me lately:

I start by melting a pat of unsalted butter in a skillet on medium-low heat (the whole process involves slow cooking on a lower heat). Crack the eggs directly into the skillet, being careful not to break the yolks, of course. Let the whites start to cook while sort of corralling them gently with a spatula... when the whites are about halfway cooked, use the spatula to fold them around the yolks. Continue to cook for another minute or so, then season with salt & cracked pepper. I actually filmed myself breaking the first yolk to show the consistency:

My youtube channel= in-depth painting tutorials, and random food videos.

Just out of curiosity (and to pass the time so we don't all get cabin fever), what's your favorite way to make eggs?


  1. Fried eggs just like these are my new favorite way -- even better when made inside a hole in a piece of bread. I used to be an all-scrambled girl but recently outgrew my distaste for runny yolks. :) What kind of sausage patties are these, morningstar farms? YUM TO ALL.

  2. They are indeed Morning Star :) I'm glad you came to the dark (er, yellow-orange?) side, and are into runny yolks now! They're so much fun to soak up with the holey toast.