Saturday, February 1, 2014

Apartment: Week 1

It's been exactly a week in the new apartment today. I've made a lot of progress getting the place set up, and certain areas are already totally satisfying. There are still boxes to unpack, of course, and one more load of stuff (mostly artwork) to get from the old house, but I'm pleased with things so far.

Yesterday I took a fun trip to Ikea with my parents, and came home with some wonderful things including curtains and counter stools:

I can sit down to eat now... yay!

I also got some decorative items like a new lamp shade and candles, and storage items like a hanging closet organizer and these awesome spice jars, which I just finished labeling this morning:

This weekend is busy. I'm going over in just a few minutes to help some of my best friends paint their new house, but I expect I'll be doing some baking very soon. And I can't wait to get 100% settled in so I can really get back into my day-to-day groove, and start having people over again!

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