Saturday, May 18, 2013

Late Spring Planting

I originally had big plans this weekend, but due to half a dozen unforseen circumstances, all of my original and backup plans were cancelled. So I've been making the best of my time at home. Despite rain, I woke up early with an irrepressible urge to get outside, and took advantage of that feeling. As Tom Waits said, "A little rain never hurt no one."

First I went to the Burke Farmer's Market. I didn't see many veggies that I was interested in today, so I picked up a couple of herbs that were missing from my outdoor herb container garden: mint and sage. I planted the rosemary we got at the farm market last week in the container as well.

After the farm market, I went to my local plant nursery, Burke Garden Center, and bought some plants to spruce up the front yard. In 2011, we collaborated with our neighbors and planted a few creeping jenny plants between our doorsteps, which has since spread and become an absolutely lovely carpet of bright yellow-green.

Forget grass. This stuff could take over the whole yard and I wouldn't complain.

We've talked about doing the same thing on the other side of the doorstep since then, and as of this morning, it's planted for real. Gardening in the rain, wheeee! :)

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