Friday, May 31, 2013

Busted A/C... and Brownies

Well, it looks like our 40-year-old HVAC unit made by Chrysler (no kidding) has finally bitten the dust for good. No amount of duct tape and pool noodles can make it last another season. Rats.

So far this year I think we've had two days of fully-functioning A/C. My studio has gotten downright tropical during the daytime this week; It was 90-something degrees at the hottest point today, and of course, I was busy working a deadline. So it goes without saying: I'm extremely pleased that we're getting a new heating and air system installed by Monday. Phew!

Apart from my reluctance to use a hot stove in the heat, I haven't been completely idle in the kitchen in the past week. I owe my blogging absence to art deadlines more than a lack of cooking.

We've simultaneously been planning a yard sale with my parents. Brendan wants to serve brownies and/or other baked goods at the yard sale, and to my chagrin (also possibly to put me in a competitive baking mood), he purchased and prepared some pre-packaged Marie Callender brownie mix. We can't have that.

I set out to make better brownies. I came up with my own recipe and it was pretty good, but not perfect. I took copious notes all over my original recipe. I promise, I'll post up some nice new photos and the recipe when I get it just right.


We also did a fantastic homemade tomato sauce which I plan to blog about soon, baked some more bread, etc... but mostly it's just been a hot, sweaty, busy week.


  1. Those are some nice-looking cakes you got there! Glad you are pursuing your passion and moreso that you've got the nice set-up for this: perfect ingredients, a hot oven, a fully functional AC. Living the good life indeed. Have your AC checked up and regularly fixed, though. You wouldn't want spores that have accumulated on the fans to spread in the air while you're cooking what looks like a very nice meal.

    Willow Renick

  2. It's been seven months now, and I believe you've replaced your AC already. It's nice to know that it served you for 40 long years! I'm sure you've maintained it properly since it lasted for so long. Hehe! Any update about your new AC unit? Hope you'll share it. Thanks! :)

    Tommy Hopkins @

  3. 40 years in service - your AC unit needs some token of appreciation. Hehe! I'm sure you've had proper maintenance for your AC that's why it lasted that long. Anyway, I wish you'll also do the same for the new AC. Hope it can serve your family for 50 years or more! :)

    Launce Newlove @