Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jeannine's Egg Strata

I took the evening off yesterday and ventured over to have dinner with friends. My girlfriend Jeannine made a delicious (and photogenic) egg strata:

This vegetarian version of the classic dish contained egg, red pepper, mushrooms, potatoes, and Jarlsburg swiss cheese, baked between layers of bread.


  1. Looks fantastic! Jeannine, I need this recipe!

  2. It is from Cooks Illustrated AKA Americas Test Kitchen sort of, I made up my own veggie blend and had to change the amount of fluid (the recipe had too much). The herbs were rosemary, time, a little salt and pepper. I also chose my own cheese, Steve's family calls it Norweigen Cheese, I just call it delicious. Thanks Cynthia for the post, I totally didn't know you would do this. We'll have to get together after my vacation and make this again, and red lentil soup, and your flatbreads (I can still taste how great they were in my sleep).

    1. Yay! I'm glad to have this info; I knew you'd used Cook's Illustrated in some capacity but I couldn't find anything close online. :)

  3. I'll leave the recipe I loosely followed out on my kitchen table with a note for you. That way if you would like to copy it you can. I'll then tell you exactly which veggiea I used. Enjoy the con this weekend and we'll see you when you get back.