Monday, April 1, 2013

Game of Thrones Party Photos!

I'm happy to report that the evening was mostly successful! Aside from two parking tickets, one tray of burnt bacon, and my inability to prepare caramel in time before the show started, plans went off well. Here are some of the best photos from the evening:

Preparing everything before the guests arrived:

A last minute addition to the drink menu- Game of Thrones blonde ale! Not for everyone's taste, but for a light beer it was pretty good.

Rolling and shaping pastry dough for pies...

The finished Tarts in Ymbre Day (cheese and onion pies) fresh from the oven. To make these a bit cheesier than the last ones, I cubed the cheese instead of grating it.

Pre-baking pastry shells...

Preparing the filling for twelve Fruit Tarts with Raisins, Apples, and Pine Nuts

Icing some delicious Elizabethan Lemon Cakes

Jeannine trusses a chicken while Brendan and Sven look on... *special thanks to Sven and Jeannine for helping us set up!*

The trussed chicken, stuffed with fruits, ready for the oven. #notvegetarian

Let The Feast Begin:

Setting up the dessert trays in the living room.

There's a lot of red in the dining room... perhaps we're in Lannisport?

...And perhaps these are Cersei's grapes? *steals some*

Part 1 of the food spread. I wish I'd been able to photograph it before the "Martell speared boar" (bacon) tray was massacred, but you know how it is. Also pictured are the honeyed chickens, and some Salad from Castle Black

A closeup of one of the cooked chickens.

Part 2 of the food spread, with one of the cheese and onion pies, some fresh Spent Grain Bread, and grapes.

Some Pease Porridge emerges on the right, in front of some warming Buttered Carrots and Parsnips.

"Let the feast begin!"

The rest of the night went by in a flash. Immediately after dinner we all grabbed some floor space (and pillows) in the basement and watched the season premiere. It definitely didn't feel like an hour had gone by after the show was over, but it was a good opener, setting up lots of events that will unfold in season 3.

The Aftermath

The buttered carrots are all gone...

So long, salad...

Where the bread once stood, only crumbs remain...

Goodbye, sweet pie...

Hope everyone had a good time! :)

EDIT: Remember, most of the recipes here are from A Feast of Ice and Fire, the Game of Thrones companion cookbook... so pick one up! Also, go to the tag Medieval March to see all the prep work we did for the party this month.


  1. Yea parking ticket.... ohhh well still loads of fun, thanks for letting us help it was so much fun. Food was so amazing, will definately mke the parsnips and carrots again. PS saw you changed your profile pic here, nice