Monday, February 4, 2013

Herb and Mushroom Update

I'm really busy with art today, but here's a tiny gardening update:

I've finally needed to cut back the basil in the Aerogarden because it's outgrowing everything else. The cilantro and dill are a little puny (probably because the basil was stealing their light) but everything seems healthy overall.

I also had a really nice mushroom harvest this morning! Five big caps that will be making an appearance in a lot of meals this week.


  1. Nice. Beware the basil. It will outgrow all the other herbs if you let it.
    We had such a basil boom in ours, that I ended up learning a few basil based recipes.

    1. Yeahhh, I probably should have done the basil separately, since everything else I've got is low-growing. I already have a huge bag of basil leaves in the freezer (beyond what's pictured up there), and it's been going in _everything_ lately.