Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Super Bowl... of Noodles

My friends are awesome. It turns out a lot of us (sometimes unbeknownst to one another) have been making great strides with our cooking skills and overall health lately. I've discovered that a handful of people in my wide social circle have begun eating organic, some have cut down on or quit eating meat— I even found out today that my parents have gone pescetarian. How cool is that?

One such example is my dear friend Vasara, who started her own food and health blog recently, The Naked Diet. She loves colorful dishes too, and created the recipe I'm featuring today. I mentioned in her comments section that I was going to give it a try this weekend, and I did. Spoiler: it was really good.

Get the recipe: Asian Noodle Rainbow Salad via The Naked Diet

It's also an excuse to photograph colorful veg...

I did a pretty good job getting together all of the ingredients, though I did make a couple very minor substitutions of convenience; I used a Cubanelle instead of yellow or green peppers, 2 tbsp white wine vinegar instead of rice vinegar, etc. Because it was what I had, not because of any fault in the recipe. You know how it goes.

The sweet Asian style dressing is delicious and unifies the dish, while not interfering with the color of the veg. I won't lie- I experimented with a sweet peanut sauce too, but it was too opaque and coated everything in peanut color, thus destroying the spirit of the dish.

Thanks again to Vasara for the wonderful meal inspiration!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I love this dish, and it comes out a bit different every time. Your photos are gorgeous BTW!

    1. Thank you love, for both the comments and for this recipe! :)