Thursday, March 21, 2013

First Day of Spring Onions

Yesterday was the long-awaited Vernal Equinox, so I wanted to post something in celebration of my favorite season, Spring.

The following tip is worth passing on: If you buy spring onions from the store, you can regrow them just by placing the roots in water. We started these in a ramekin with shallow water, then when they started growing we transferred them to an empty peanut butter jar. They're thriving with little effort; we typically change the water every other day, but that's about it. The jar also makes another welcome pop of green on the kitchen counter.


  1. Neat! Was reading articles about plants that can be grown from kitchen scraps. Does your kitchen get much sunlight? How much light do you think this needs to work?

    1. My kitchen gets very little sunlight, so we use fluorescent "natural light" bulbs as our under-counter lights. We leave those on most of the time and that seems to work pretty well for growing plants. You should definitely try this. :)

    2. Thank you! That is a brilliant idea to work into the kitchen remodel!